The team is formed based on the intersection of diverse fields and visual/sonic disciplines, through a combination of fieldwork, theoretical research and creative approaches. They combine artistic practices and research at the intersection of art, science and architecture. Their processes produce extensive periods of research in relation to the context, bringing together interdisciplinary work groups that expand and elaborate different visions for the realization of the results.


alfonso borragán (London) is an interdisciplinary artist. He studied at the Fine Arts Faculty in the University of Barcelona and completed his studies with an MFA at the Slade School of Fine Arts in London, where he is currently a PhD candidate. His practice articulates research, teaching and production. His work adopts several formats including video, photography, installations or actions. He devises situations and artefacts that propose interactions that are activated and disappear through the spectator’s actions. He has developed and shared works in Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, US, Croatia, Colombia and India. He is currently a lecturer at the BA in Arts & Sciences at the University College London.


Blanca Pujals (London, Barcelona) is an architect, spatial researcher and critical writer. Her work is developed through critical and spatial practice as a form of research to engage with questions of contemporary culture, philosophy of science and transnational politics, developing tools for undertaking analysis through different visual and sonic devices. Her work is not limited to one medium. It encompasses film and architecture as well as lectures, curatorial projects and critical writing. She received her BA in Architecture at Barcelona School of Architecture. She completed her studies with an MA in Critical Theory and Museum Studies at the Independent Studies Program of MACBA Museum, tutored by the philosopher Paul B. Preciado, and was recently a postgraduate at the Centre for Research Architecture (Visual Cultures Department) at Goldsmiths University of London. She is currently developing her practice-led PhD in Arts and Sciences at the BxNU. She has worked on projects in Antarctica, Colombia, Iraq, UK, Afghanistan, Spain, Italy, US and Switzerland.


Mazon Gardoqui (Leipzig) His work questions perception, altered states and vulnerability through un/stable arrangements. His work materialises in three main fields: actions or site-specific performances through experimental processes, exhibitions as consequences of previous actions and collective work through collaborative groups, or seminars in cultural and academic centres. Since 1999, he’s been involved in experimental tactics and techniques of media intervention through site specific actions, performances and installations in public spaces by using sound, light and custom electronics. His works have been performed or exhibited in museums, galleries, billboards, urban screens and public TV/radio stations in Africa, Russia, Nepal, North America, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile and numerous locations across Europe.


Alvaro Sau Razkin (Donostia) is an experimental, narrative and commercial filmmaker. After graduating in Fine Arts in Barcelona, he focused as an interdisciplinary artist travelling around Europe. He has also worked for extended periods in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, India, Nepal and Egypt. As a founding member of different collectives and as an independent artist, he has developed performances, A/V installations and single-channel pieces. His works have been exhibited in museums, galleries, art centres and international film festivals around the world. Filmography includes Muga (2018), Aldiriak (2008-2018), Hazi Kimu Hil (2016), Coptos (2011)


Simon Williams (London) is a musician, dj and electronic music composer. His work explores the transformative nature of sound. As Sunny Graves—his most recent project—he has released music through various labels and performed in independent spaces, galleries, museums and renowned music festivals in the UK, North America and around Europe.